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Handgun Skills was established in 2010 by Tom Dowdy to offer a series of courses that takes a person with no shooting experience to being a safe and knowledgeable shooter with the proper attitude to handle guns safely, to being able to shoot accurately, and for those interested in personal protection with a gun to be able to shoot defensively in a critical incident where their life is in danger. We teach safety above all other shooting fundamentals and why you don’t want to be involved in a shooting incident unless it is either shoot or die.


Over the three years the number of students taking classes has more than doubled each year and many of the students are taking multiple classes.  All of our NRA certified courses have anonymous evaluations that students complete at the conclusion of each course and they rate every aspect of the course on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being a poor rating and 5 being an excellent rating.  Our overall average rating we’ve received rounds down to a 4.9.   Our students have ranged in age from 16 to 79 and they have scored an average of 92.8 on the fifty question written test for the NRA Basic Pistol Course.


We’ve trained six students who are now NRA certified instructors and four of them are now Texas CHL instructors.  We receive requests monthly from other NRA instructors struggling to develop students for their own classes to assist with our classes to gain experience in teaching gun classes.  Tom is currently mentoring an Assistant Instructor for the NRA Training Division so she can be upgraded to Certified Pistol Instructor and she will be leading a women’s group of shooters in Houston.


September 20th through the 22nd Handgun Skills will be conducting the NRA Personal Protection In The Home Course (PPITH)and NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home Course (PPOTH) back to back.  By combining the two courses the total cost of taking both courses is discounted to $300 and because some of the classroom material is duplicated in the two courses the total running time for both courses will be reduced.  The first course starts at 12:30pm on September 20th and concludes at 12:30pm on the 21st, followed immediately by the second course which runs from 12:30pm on the 21st through 5:30pm and then finishes up on the 22nd from 10am to 5:30pm.  You can review the course content by clicking on the COURSE menu icon on the home page of the web site.  These courses are ideal if you hold a Concealed Handgun License or intend to get one.   A pre-requisite for the NRA PPITH Course is to have taken the NRA Basic Pistol Course first or to be able to pass a written exam and shooting skills test.  You can take the NRA PPITH Course without taking the NRA PPOTH Course but you must take the NRA PPITH Course before taking the NRA PPOTH Course.   Early registration is recommended as the classes are expected to fill up well in advance of the class dates.


We are running a minimal class schedule during the summer months as this is the slack time of year for handgun training and since we teach on an outdoor range the summer heat is also a factor.  Starting in September we will be adding more classes to the calendar.










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