This 3 hour training session will teach you rules of rifle safety, how to operate a tactical rifle, shooting positions, zeroing your sights, fundamentals of accurate shooting, proper maintenance, and clearing malfunctions. Students will learn how to operate the tactical rifle at closer ranges and mid ranges with precision once they grasp the fundamentals.



Students are required to have a basic understanding and some experience operating a defensive/tactical rifle before taking this training.  The 3 hours of intense training will teach our students: how to more efficiently operate your tactical rifle;  how various distances affects your sight zero; choosing advantageous shooting posiitons; fundamentals of moving with your rifle while maintainng accuract shooting; and how to operate within a team context.

  • Rules of safety
  • Operation of tactical rifle
  • Shooting positions
  • Recognizing and clearing malfunctions
  • Zeroing the rifle
  • Grouping shots
  • Instinctive shooting
  • Aimed shooting
  • Movement with tactical rifle
  • Making Adjustments

Students need a tactical rifle and 250 rounds of target ammunition (no steel core ammunition); minimum of two magazines, ear protection & eye protection, closed toe shoes/boots, collared shirt, hydration & nutrition. This is not a NRA certified class.


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