LTC Class Online

Cost: $49

This is not an NRA Certified Class

Register here for the 4 hours of legal training required to obtain your Texas LTC license in the comfort of your own home at your convenience.  Texas Carry Academy is our provider for the online training.  We also teach the 4 hours of legal training in-person, followed by the range qualification for groups of four or more students.

Make a second registration on our website for our two-hour Basic Pistol & LTC Qualification Class that satisfies the DPS requirement for safety training and shooting proficiency qualification.  Learn basic shooting fundamentals and fundamentals practice, in addition to the DPS required safety training and the timed shooting proficiency qualification.  DPS expects all LTC applicants to have enough experience shooting to be proficient enough to pass the shooting proficiency qualification.  The added fundamentals training, not required by DPS, has helped a lot of our students pass the LTC shooting qualification.


Students are allowed to shoot either a revolver or semi-automatic pistol with a minimum caliber of .22 Long Rifle when they attend their shooting proficiency qualification.   A second registration is required to attend the in-person shooting proficiency qualification with us by clicking on the Basic Pistol + LTC Qualification Class button.  Rental guns will be available through the range for a rental fee of $25. You will need 75 rounds of ammunition for the basic shooting instruction, plus 50 rounds for the shooting proficiency qualification, and it can be purchased at the range or bring your own factory loaded full metal jacket ammunition. You also need ear plugs or over the ear protection, eye protection can be prescription glasses of safety glasses, and both can be purchased at the range if you do not have them.

(You will be redirected to our Texas Carry Academy Site for registration)

Looking for a Basic Pistol Shooting Class in The Woodlands, Conroe, Spring, Montgomery, Tomball, or greater Houston area? We’re glad you found us! Give Handgun Skills a call today 281-645-6290.


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