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Our forty-nine-page manual includes the basics of reducing the chances of becoming a criminal’s target, mental preparation to defend yourself, self defense basics, interacting with law enforcement, dealing with the aftermath of a self defense shooting, and fundamentals of self defense shooting. If you can’t afford to attend one of our skills classes, then by purchasing the manual and practicing the detailed skills you will be better prepared to defend yourself if the unthinkable happens.



If you haven’t taken Refuse to be a Victim Training or self-defense pistol training, our manual begins with the a description of the four competency levels of pistol owners, then explains all the safety rules of owning and using a pistol, the principles of avoiding an self-defense incident, the color zones of mental awareness and importance, the principles of carrying a defensive pistol, defensive considerations and tactics, how to pick the right defensive pistol, and defensive shooting principles.

Studying the book and training on a regular basis is not a substitute for taking in-person training with a skilled instructor, who can analyze your weaknesses quickly. Training is not just static target shooting which only involves practicing basic shooting fundamentals. A skilled instructor has the knowledge and experience to spot deficiencies and enable you to overcome those deficiencies through remedial exercises.