Learn to draw from concealment and shoot accurately within two seconds, how to clear malfunctions instinctively, ammunition management, off-hand shooting, one handed shooting, multiple shooting positions, how to continue the fight when injured, shooting under extreme stress, and threat assessment.


Push your limits balancing speed and accuracy for defensive shooting or training for competitive shooting.  Learn the needed tactical knowledge for defense shootings.  Learn the importance of gun handling becoming instinctive to overcome “freezing” under stress.  Training covers mental awareness, physiological changes that occur under stress, reaction times and impact on performance.  Lead instructor is a Texas Law Enforcement Instructor and retired federal agent.

  • Instinctive shooting & point shooting
  • Flash sight picture shooting
  • Balancing speed & accuracy
  • Controlling rapid fire
  • Rapid reloads & malfunction clearings
  • Managing magazines & ammunition
  • Off-hand & one hand shooting
  • Getting off the “X”
  • Threat assessment & management
  • Improvised shooting positions
  • Use of concealment & cover
  • Stress induced shooting

This one-day class focuses on drawing and firing from a concealed holster in situations where speed, accuracy, movement, and threat assessment could be lifesaving. This class will be physically draining as it involves a lot of shooting.  Students must be experienced safe shooters and must have taken our Advanced Pistol or be pre-qualified to take this class for safety reasons.

Students need a full sized 9mm or greater caliber semi-automatic pistol, 350 rounds of factory loaded target ammunition, a belt mounted outside the waistband holster, a belt mounted two magazine holster, a concealment garment that fully covers the holstered pistol, electronic ear protection, and eye protection. This is not an NRA certified class.