This is the State of Texas required class to qualify you for a License to Carry a concealed handgun or the open carry of a handgun in public.  It includes four hours of mandatory legal instruction on handgun use, laws that relate to weapons and the use of deadly force, non-violent dispute resolution, proper storage practices of your guns, a written examination, and one to two hours of gun safety instruction, and shooting proficiency qualification.


We are no longer teaching the classroom LTC legal training in person unless you have a group of four or more students.  You must call to coordinate group classes for the legal portion of the LTC class to be taken in person.  Instead of in-person legal training for individuals, we offer the Texas License to Carry Class online where you can take the four hours of legal training in the comfort of your own home at your own pace 24/7.  Whether you take the online training or in-person group training DPS requires in-person range training and qualification in person.   You can also register on this website for our two-hour Basic Pistol/LTC Completion Class separate from registering for the online legal training.  If you do the online legal training, bring two copies of your DPS LTC-101 certificate showing you passed the legal portion to our class to do your required range instruction and shooting qualification for your LTC license.  We include basic shooting fundamentals instruction and practice in addition to the DPS required safety training and shooting proficiency qualification.  If you are an inexperienced shooter then you likely need to take the basic shooting fundamentals training because the LTC shooting proficiency qualification is timed shooting, limiting the time for each shot to either two seconds or three seconds.  DPS expects all LTC applicants to have enough experience shooting to be proficient enough to pass the shooting proficiency qualification when they shoot their proficiency qualification.  Taking the fundamentals training we include has led to the vast majority of our LTC students passing the shooting proficiency qualification.